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What is…


  • Risk Management

    Track Risk and Compliance Regulations tied directly to your Test Questions.  Know where your organization stands on Risk Failures and take immediate action to stay compliant.

    Audit Workflow Management

    Customize your workflow based on your business need. You can separate your roles to provide strict workflows for organizations that require separation of duties.  Or allow access for smaller organizations to work in a coordinated Team environment with or without restrictions or a combination of the two.

    Assign Audits based on Skillsets

    Create Audits for specific subject matter experts to work on. Only those Auditors with the specified subject matter skillset will be assigned the audit.

  • Audit Sampling

    Implement Sampling on your Audit Population using Random or Targeted Sampling.  Choose sampling by Agent Score, Rules, and Statistical Sampling.

    Role Based Interactive Dashboards

    Each role has a work queue interactive dashboard to have all of their work in a single dashboard view. By clicking on the dashboard work queue item, it will route you directly to the audits you need to work on.

    Real Time Reporting

    View immediate Audit Results and your Team's Production Output showing TAT, SLAs and Production Counts.

Why AuditQM

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  • AQM provides a Quality Control, Risk and Compliance Software as a Service Platform.   Our features include Risk Management to include Risk Regulation Documents and work papers tied to test questions; Risk Reporting maintained in the system storing failure results and responsible management for remediation; Question Branching and Forking to allow complex tests to be performed; Conversation CHAT Module for Team Members to collaborate during an Audit for easy communication; and Workflow flexibility to manage the way you do business.

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People said about AuditQM

  • The new AQM Platform is very fast and much easier to perform my reviews. It is much better than an excel spreadsheet.

    Anonymous Auditor

  • We really like the Veritiq Helpdesk, they treat our requests with priority and always come through for us. We feel that Veritiq is part of our Team.

    Compliance Manager

  • AQM meets our business need and it is so fast. It really helps our team’s Productivity.

    Paula Moore

    Advantium Capital